MARCH 2019

Cairngorm Sunrise

My friend Chris asked me to join him for a dawn raid as he likes to call it! 🙂   I am not normally an early riser, so when he tells me I have to be up at 2am to be in position in time for sunrise, does not really sell it to me! 🙂   Weather conditions were looking stable and there was a fresh dusting of snow overnight.  So we set off in the dark and was told to take an easy pace, especially with carrying a heavy sack, but I didn’t!   Conditions underfoot were fine with just a couple of icy patches to take care on.   But we made good progress and was in position before sunrise to see the earth’s shadow.  There was some mist threatening to block the sunrise but it burnt off as the sun rose and illuminated the landscape in pink.  You do not have time to think too much as the good light does not last long so you have to go with your instincts.  I opted for a panoramic image as it best conveyed the stunning light we were privileged to witness.  It was definitely worth the early rise.