JULY 2019

Shag resting on the old pier

Weather was a bit overcast but dry, so decided to have a wee drive round Mull and see what opportunities presented itself.  I noticed the Cormorants and Shags drying out their wings on the posts and thought this would make for a good long exposure shot.  There were several posts but was difficult to get separation, so decided to get the telephoto out and isolate a group.  Unfortunately I left my filter ring at home so had to borrow my husbands, by the time I got all set up the birds had left, but undeterred I hoped one would return and thankfully one did. Ideally I wanted a shot of it with it’s wings outspread to dry them out but this was difficult as the wings were always moving when taking a long exposure.  I am hoping for a return trip to Mull and maybe I will have a chance to try again.