Red Squirrel enduring the winter snow

It has been a very disappointing end to 2019 weather wise, with high winds, rain, and lot’s of cloudy days. When it did snow, it did not last long as we have had unusually high temperatures too so it just got blown off the hills.   Hoping the start of 2020 will bring in a more settled spell of weather with more frosty, crisp, cold days and more snow on the hills at least. 

It must be a very hard time for the wildlife having to cope with extremes in weather.  With wet, cold springs, and dryer, hotter summers and milder, windy and wet winters.  Seasons are rolling into one. 

We have observed from our own experience during 2019 how the forest birds and red squirrels have been affected by the weather with a rapid decline in numbers.  It is very sad and disheartening, hopefully numbers will increase over the course of 2020.