Ptarmigan enduring the spin drift

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland


Conditions were challenging in the Cairngorms as the winds were quite strong.  This would then blow the snow into your face which can make it very unpleasant if not wearing eye protection and of course in no time at all if you leave your bag open will get filled with snow.  Even finding shelter out of the wind is problematic to get some respite from the wind to take on food and drink or add some layers.  It also makes it very hard to move about and hear the ptarmigan but they have to endure these conditions all the time and worse.  So I wanted to try capture some of the spin drift getting blown about them as they went in search of food and shelter.

Field Notes

Camera: D700

Lens: Nikon 300mm F4 with Nikon x1.4 teleconverter

Aperture: F10

Exposure: 1/2000 sec

ISO: 640