In flight

Cairngorm National Park, Scotland


Conditions were calm enough to head up into the hills in search of ptarmigan, so I made the trek in the deep snow in the hope that you can find some obliging ptarmigan.  As it was December they were pairing off so they were more interested in each other than to me.  This beautiful female took flight when her male partner took off to chase off the advances of another male.  It is fascinating behaviour to watch, you get a little call from the female warning you when she is about to take flight so you have to be ready and waiting when she does as it all happens to fast.  Fast reactions and good panning technique definitely required.

Field Notes

Camera: Nikon D700

Lens: 300mm F4 with x1.4 Teleconverter

Aperture: F/7.1

Exposure: 1/2500

ISO: 640