JULY 2020

Spotted Flycatcher with great catch

Was at a location looking out to sea and was watching the cormorants drying themselves on the pier.  Then from the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a wee bird flying onto the foxglove, then quickly diving into the undergrowth.  Thought that would be the last I would see of it but it came out again quickly and off it went.  Took the same route back again before going to the nest.  So thought it was time to get the camera out to see if I could capture it or was it camera shy.   Got myself into position and it was taking a slightly different route, so I waited patiently for it to take the route when it landed on the foxglove.  Did not need to wait too long to get my shot but had to be quick when he did land on the foxglove as flew into the nest quickly.  An excellent parent and was working tirelessly to bring food back to hungry little mouths.