Snow Storm Passing

Findhorn Valley, Scotland


Forecast was for snow, so that is the cue to get out and capture some shots.  The snow showers were moving in and out very quickly, when I started out it was sunny and in 10 mins the next snow shower was moving in, most other people about took shelter but I saw this as a perfect opportunity to capture the weather moving in this stunning landscape.  So I wanted to capture the wider view and the amazing storm clouds moving in and the best way to do this was take a panorama.  No time for setting up tripods and was taken handheld, by the time I fired off a few panos the snow had moved in and was a white out but was so pleased when I got home to see the finished result.

Field Notes

Camera: Olympus EM5 Mark II

Lens: Olympus M. 9-18mm F4.0-5.6

Aperture: F7.1

Exposure: 1/640 sec

ISO: 200