Autumn Morning Mist

Craigellachie, Cairngorm National Park, Scotland


Taken on my weeks holiday to capture autumn colour locally.  This day weather was looking better heading south.  So opted to head down to Aviemore to see how the autumn colour was developing and hoping the wind had not blown off all the leaves.  It was misty on the drive down but was to burn off with the sunrise.  As I was making my way down I could see the trees were at their optimum colour so I knew where I wanted to head to take advantage of this.  There was not another soul about and the sun was beginning to rise enough to burn off the mist and start to illuminate the silver birch trees.  In order to capture all this autumn colour that was being presented to me I captured a panorama, this time I did take it on the tripod as I was all prepared, tripod leveled and was waiting for the light.  It was absolutely breathtaking when the whole area lights up I got caught up in the beauty of it all you almost forget to take the shot.  I was absolutely delighted with the image when I got home to process it.

Field Notes

Camera: Olympus OMD EM1

Lens: Olympus M. 12-40mm F2.8

Aperture: F/9.0

Exposure: 1/15 sec

ISO: 200