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Mountain Specialists  – Mountain Hare & Ptarmigan

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1080HD vs 4K Video

When I first got the Olympus OMD EM1 over 3 years ago the first feature I wanted to try out was the 1080HD video. As my previous camera was the Nikon D700 this did not come with video. I would find at times that I missed this feature as quite often I felt video would...

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Photographing Time Lapse Video

Photographing time lapses has been extremely fun.  You need to look for the right weather conditions and an interesting subject as you would for any landscape image.   This time lapse video was captured with 300 images taken at 3 second intervals as the clouds were...

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Photographing Panoramas

Since I started to use Olympus MFT camera equipment, I have found it has opened up my creativity. I have always had an interest in capturing the wider vista but never felt inclined to try stitching panoramas when using a DSLR.  I have found using an electronic...

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